Winsor & Newton Fine Oil Paints - Bulk -

Fine Oil Paints - Bulk

55 products

    Beautiful colours containing fine art pigments offering dependable quality. Ideal for those using large volumes of paint. Winsor & Newton offers a 55-colour range, available in 

    • 45ml (1.52 oz) Tube
    • 170ml (5.75 oz) Tube

    Great pigment load

    Winton Oil Paint's pigment load is higher than many artists’ ranges. Exceptional for general use and ideal for working in large volume at the highest level.

    Uniform consistency

    The Winton range has a more uniform consistency than Artists' Oil Colour and is a slightly stiffer paint. It offers excellent retention of brush and palette knife strokes.

    Lightfast and permanent

    Wherever possible, the most permanent pigments have been selected for use with the Winton range. The formulation and manufacturing process ensure that the product will remain stable within the tube as well as offer the most permanent paint film possible.

    55 products
    Zinc White-720 - Moku Park
    Zinc White-720
    from $5.24
    Brown Grey-615 -
    Brown Grey-615
    from $5.46
    Cool Grey-612 -
    Cool Grey-612
    from $5.46
    Warm Grey-613 - Moku Park
    Warm Grey-613
    from $5.46
    Ivory Black-660 -
    Ivory Black-660
    from $5.46
    Gold-800 -
    from $7.76
    Alkyd White-740 -
    Alkyd White-740
    from $6.81
    Red Ochre-510 - Moku Park
    Red Ochre-510
    from $5.46
    Van Dyke Brown-550 - Moku Park
    Van Dyke Brown-550
    from $5.46
    Terre Verte-480 - Moku Park
    Terre Verte-480
    from $5.46
    Silver-810 - Moku Park
    from $7.76
    Titanium White-710 - Moku Park
    Titanium White-710
    from $5.46
    Medium Green-430 - Moku Park
    Medium Green-430
    from $5.46
    Pale Emerald-426 - Moku Park
    Pale Emerald-426
    from $5.46
    Payne's Grey-610 - Moku Park
    Payne's Grey-610
    from $5.46
    Blue Lake-350 -
    Blue Lake-350
    from $5.46
    Red Violet-302 - Moku Park
    Red Violet-302
    from $5.46
    Phthalo Blue-330 - Moku Park
    Phthalo Blue-330
    from $5.23
    Parimary Red-255 - Moku Park
    Parimary Red-255
    from $5.46
    Rose Madder-280 - Moku Park
    Rose Madder-280
    from $5.46
    Magenta-260 - Moku Park
    from $5.46
    Carmine-245 -
    from $5.46
    Yellow Ochre-500 - Moku Park
    Yellow Ochre-500
    from $5.46
    Vermilion-220 - Moku Park
    from $5.46
    Bright Red-230 -
    Bright Red-230
    from $5.46
    Indian Red-225 -
    Indian Red-225
    from $5.46
    Lamp Black-640 - Moku Park
    Lamp Black-640
    from $5.46
    Yellow Orange-140 - Moku Park
    Yellow Orange-140
    from $5.24
    Pale Yellow-102 - Moku Park
    Pale Yellow-102
    from $5.46
    Orange-150 - Moku Park
    from $5.46
    Medium Yellow-120 - Moku Park
    Medium Yellow-120
    from $5.46
    Medium Grey-611 - Moku Park
    Medium Grey-611
    from $5.46
    Zinc-Titanium White-730 - Moku Park
    Zinc-Titanium White-730
    from $5.24
    Burnt Sienna-520 -
    Burnt Sienna-520
    from $5.46
    Burnt Umber-530 -
    Burnt Umber-530
    from $5.47
    Raw Umber-540 - Moku Park
    Raw Umber-540
    from $5.46
    Raw Sienna-501 - Moku Park
    Raw Sienna-501
    from $5.46
    Naples Yellow Hue-495 - Moku Park
    Naples Yellow Hue-495
    from $5.46
    Viridian Hue-470 - Moku Park
    Viridian Hue-470
    from $5.46
    Olive Green-485 - Moku Park
    Olive Green-485
    from $5.46